General Concept: Location based night shooting with models wearing hand-made glasses.

Mood: A feeling of isolation and like an inner struggle of who you are inside vs what you project outside. The glasses are these fronts that people put on while inside they aren't happy; 'shading' their inner turmoil from the outside.


Tech concepts: Long exposure with running and pop motion blur.  Available light shooting.  Headlights.  

Hair Ideas: Clear shapes and stands out as an idea and character of its own, framing the glasses and playing off of their lines and shapes. Play with texture.

Styling Ideas: All white and silver clothes, utilizing metallic jewelry as accent pieces.  Boots or white tennis shoes (Spray painted).  Textured items would be awesome. 



Make-up Ideas:  There will be shots with and without the glasses.  Pale skin all around is ideal with color in defined areas of the face and around the eyes, perhaps hinting at the make-up with the glasses on. Tribal make-up but cleaner with industrial feel.



Test Shots