General Concept: Location based night shooting with models wearing hand-made glasses.

Mood: A feeling of isolation and like an inner struggle of who you are inside vs what you project outside. The glasses are these fronts that people put on while inside they aren't happy; 'shading' their inner turmoil from the outside.

When: Sunday, May 29th 3-11pm Memorial Day Weekend

We will likely stay in the space all night shooting with anyone who wants to participate! 

Model Instructions

Pre-shoot Care


  • Please arrive with clean, dry but moisturized skin.

Head Hair:  

  • If you have fine or dry hair, please do not shampoo your hair the morning of the shoot. You may shower and even get your hair wet, but forgo the shampooing.

  • If you have thick or oily hair please go ahead and shampoo your hair normally that morning.

  • Ask Ben if you do not know which type of hair you have.

  • Please do not put any product in your hair before arriving at the shoot.

  • Please decide in advance whether you are comfortable with our stylist cutting your hair at the shoot.  You are not at all required to let us cut it but you may be asked and should be prepared to answer honestly. 

Facial Hair:

  • We are asking all models to be clean shaven for the shoot. You need to shave that day.

  • If you feel you look better with a beard or stubble, please ask Ben for direction.  We will ask you to shave at the shoot if you arrive in less than clean condition.

  • Clean-up them eyebrows, gents.

Body Hair:

  • It is likely that all models will be shot without a shirt or in their underwear.  Please groom yourself accordingly.  

Please Bring

  • 1-2 pairs of plain, neutral somewhat form fitting underwear.

  • Tighty-whiteys if you have them.

  • A pair of black, dark grey or dark blue jeans that are somewhat form fitting. 

  • Black or neutral boots if you have them.

  • Very basic sneakers or tennis shoes if you have them.

  • Hair product that you regularly use.  While we will have lots of product on hand, sometimes the best starting point is what you normally use.

  • If you have or regularly use any, mascara, or foundation, or any makeup you would like to bring.  Not necessary, if you don’t but some people are selective about product.  


  • Please rest and care for yourself accordingly the night before the shoot as this does affect your appearance in photographs.

  • Please arrive on time to the shoot and if something causes a delay please communicate with Ben promptly.

  • Guests, friends, significant others, moms, etc. are not permitted at the shoot.  This is a work environment and while we do have fun, the goal is to make images and develop skills a model and a photographer.

Mood Examples


Posing Guide


Test Shots